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  • 04/23/19
    If you are restoring a bathroom, and have found the perfect antique tub but it is need of restoration, resurfacing will bring it back to life. You can stick with the original color, or adjust it to ma...
    > Hydro Jet Walk-In Tub Co.
  • 04/18/19
    The resurfacing process does more than just transform the color of your tile. It reseals the tile surface and grout, which makes the tiled areas more resistant to mold and mildew and easier to keep cl...
    > Hydro Jet Walk-In Tub Co.
  • 04/16/19
    One of the benefits of having your tub and tiles refinished is that the new surface is highly durable. In fact, a refinished bathtub should be able to endure hot water temperatures, everyday bathing, ...
    > Hydro Jet Walk-In Tub Co.
  • 04/11/19
    Just because the tile and tub in your bathroom has lost its shine does not mean that you have to replace it to get things looking good again; refinishing restores a new look to these surfaces quickly ...
    > Hydro Jet Walk-In Tub Co.
  • 04/09/19
    Refinishing your bathtub typically involves several stages of work. First, a professional cleans the surface of your tub thoroughly, and then applies an acid to roughen the surface, which allows the g...
    > Hydro Jet Walk-In Tub Co.
  • 04/07/19
    It's Senior Sunday season! Alexis Callan
    > Dusty Bush Photography
  • 04/04/19
    One of the benefits of tub and tile resurfacing is the design flexibility that this process offers. Not only can you have your bathroom restored to like-new condition, but you can also customize your ...
    > Hydro Jet Walk-In Tub Co.
  • 04/02/19
    When resurfacing your tub or tiles, you can get a shiny, newer version of your current bathroom. However, you can also head in new direction. Resurfacing glazes and coats can come in a variety of colo...
    > Hydro Jet Walk-In Tub Co.
  • 04/01/19
    New weekly service in Weatherford!
    > Triumph Pools
  • 03/28/19
    While a long hot bath sounds relaxing to most people today, people from medieval times were actually afraid of bathing. It was thought that letting the water touch the naked flesh would spread disease...
    > Hydro Jet Walk-In Tub Co.
  • 03/27/19
    It's that time again!! 💙
    > Blissful Photography
  • 03/26/19
    Most bathtub resurfacing jobs are completed in a few hours. Your tub resurfacing specialist will let you know how long the job will take, based on the size of your tub and the damage to your tub’s s...
    > Hydro Jet Walk-In Tub Co.
  • 03/25/19
    If you're in the market to get a pool, make sure you're education yourself on the types of soil in North Texas. It may not seem like a big deal but is something that can cause real havoc later on down...
    > The Complete Backyard
  • 03/25/19
    Spring is here. Drain and clean in Weatherford! If your pool was neglected this winter contact us to get your pool blue again. #greentoclean #swamptoswim #makebackyardsgreatagain
    > Triumph Pools