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Lee Guinn Skillz Specialist We provide Beginner and Advance Skill work. Ball handling, Agility work, Strength and Conditioning, Shooting technique, Footwork, Situational drill work.

What do you have planned for your young players for spring break? Nothing you say? Come join us @whatittakestraining spr...
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What do you have planned for your young players for spring break? Nothing you say? Come join us @whatittakestraining spring break camp coming up at the end of this month March 26-30. Go to www.whatittakestraining.com to register. Team and sibling discounts available.

Basketball skills training and camps Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia area A pathway to college and beyond. Training with Purpose

Lee Guinn Skillz Specialist's cover photo

Lee Guinn Skillz Specialist's cover photo


2014 was a very rough year. 2015 is the year for expansion and moving into a new realm with the business. Thank you to all that support me in what I'm doing. I will continue to operate with integrity and the character that you know me for. If you are serious about developing your game,and the financial commitment it requires. Let's move forward. If not,keep liking pics and videos,but stay away from me! Sincerely Specialist.


Don't ever stop pursuing what God has put in you to do! All sorts of people are going to tell you that it can't be done. They are really telling you,I wish I could do what you're doing!


Been in the operating room getting quality work in. I'm looking forward to working with new clients for a very long time


Great work today! Some things didn't work out as planed,but God knew what was best! So I'm cool.


Thankful everyday that I get to hit the gym and help develop talent! What did you do today to get better than your competition?


Great workout today! Clients went at it!

In the DC area hit me up!!! (202) 340-4377🏀🏀🏀

In the DC area hit me up!!! (202) 340-4377🏀🏀🏀

Mobile Uploads

Mobile Uploads

#checkmeout #Subscribetomychannel #TimDuncanofTrainers

#checkmeout #Subscribetomychannel #TimDuncanofTrainers


Follow me on Instagram @ Lee Guinn... Check out my You a Tube channel Lee Guinn Skillz Specialist and subscribe!!!


Subscribe to my You Tube channel @Lee Guinn Skillz Specialist for full vids. Follow me on Instagram @Lee Guinn. Thanks for your support in our growth!


Contact me session info at (202) 340-4377 if your looking to learn the game!!


Subscribe to my channel on YouTube and follow me on IG at Lee Guinn Skillz Specialist!!


On my way to the gym to help players get better! Subscribe to my You Tube channel Lee Guinn Skillz Specialist. Follow me on [email protected] Guinn


Check out full video's on you tube under Lee Guinn Skillz Specialist. Follow us on instgram @Lee Guinn! We are teaching the game the right way 1 player @ a time!


Follow us on [email protected] Guinn Skillz Specialist! Look @ our video's on youtube under Lee Guinn! See what working on your game can do!


Check out our video's on you tube @lee guinn


On my way to check out clients in their fall league! #grindsquad


Website coming soon! Stay tuned!


Check us out on You Tube @Lee Guinn Skillz Specialist, and on instagram @Lee Guinn. Contact Lee Guinn @443-721-1599 for more info


Good day @the office! It takes time to see results! I'm going to say it again! It takes time to see results! Love the work the clients are putting in. What you put in,is what you get out! If that is a little then you'll get a little! Ask your self, did I get better or, did I take the day off?


On the way to the office to pro form some procedures! Do your self a favor,if your not committed to the time it takes to see results, pls stop doing it!


If you are playing basketball,here's the word for today,Committed! For you to be [email protected] this you have to commit to it! Not 1 or 2 workouts are going to get you the success you're after! If you don't believe me,roll the dice and find out! Contact Lee Guinn 443-721-1599


In the operating room with the Skillz Specialist doing (medium) level drills from our dribbling series.


In the operating room with the Skillz Specialist doing ( medium level) drills from our dribbling series.


Great day today! Gods word is true. A mans gift will make room for him,and bring him before great men! Met Coach Reggie Theus today in the operating room! If you don't know,he's a 13yr nba vet! He was @ coolidge looking @the kids I work with everyday! Great to reconnect with Coach Pompey of DC now @ Cal State Northridge! This game is serious, and its not for every body!


Great session yesterday with bri massie! pics and videos coming soon to instagram,fb and you tube!


Happy Labor Day fb! We @ LGSD have made the decision to change the company name. The reason for this is simple. There are to many doctors out here that I'm seeing. Who do you get sent to when the doctor can't fix the problem? The specialist! Kobe went to a specialist to get his knee right. We will be now known as Lee Guinn Skillz Specialist! The page will be the same just a different name. Thanks for all the support!


Today was a great day! Got my last workout with one of my favorite clients john mcnair,before he goes back to school on sunday! We spent the whole summer in the operating room! He got better this summer. We worked on his ball handling, shooting off the dribble and the mental aspect of the game! Thanks for the commitment john mcnair! Go get this money!


God is great I tell you! Just finished up in the operating room with new client bri massie. She is a pleasure to work with! She doesn't have an ego and she listens! She is just what the Dr ordered! We are building her from scratch. I love dealing with younger clients,because they have no bad habbits yet! She is a work in progress! Pics coming soon!


Just finished up a morning operation with john mcnair! I have never personally seen a player with his work ethic! Players make the mistake of not preparing,so when the opportunity comes they are not ready!He has had a great,not good summer! He is prepared for his opportunity! That's what training everyday,the right way!


Basketball is a year round thing! I'm committed to this thing year round heavy! This thing takes time to master! Kobe didn't master his craft in a couple of sessions! Bron didn't master his game over night! Jordan sure didn't master his game right away! Are you comitted to this? Contact us 443-721-1599


In the operating room with john mcnair! Gotta do this the right way everyday! Stay sharp in you're craft. Stay so sharp,sometimes you get cut!


620 Milwaukee Pl. S.E.
Washington D.C., DC


(202) 436-2729


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