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Geek Chic Tours Take a trip back in time with Geek Chic Tours-D.C. Day trips departing from Washington to Gettysburg, Monticello and many other sites. Energetic and knowledgeable guides help you experience some of the most compelling events in American History.


Today is the anniversary of Executive Order 9981 which desegregated the United States Military! Put these items in order of their desegregation from earliest to latest. 1. The Military, 2. Schools, 3. Housing 4. Baseball, 5. The Washington Redskins, 6. Interstate Busing in South, 7. Local Montgomery Bus Lines, 8. The Senate, 9. The White House, 10. The Supreme Court.


I have two tours coming up with D.C. By Foot. Tonight at 6 PM, the Free Monuments Mall tour and Saturday night the Lincoln Assassination Tour at 7 PM. Come on and join me, both are tour hour walking tours.


Opinion Questions: Today in 1797, the city of Cleveland, Ohio was founded. In honor of that event, let's lets the things that are great and the things that aren't great about the city of Cleveland through the years. Please tell us when you are speaking in favor of or against Cleveland. We'll see where the list ends up.


To the Scopes trial question, Sean added the questions for you to answer, "What Act was violated and what agency originally offered to defend Scopes?" Anyone?


Today in 1925, The Scopes Monkey trial ended with a guilty verdict in Dayton, TN for John Scopes. Name the two attorney's who faced off in this famous case.


Today in 1969, the United States landed on the Moon(yes, we did)! Twelve people have walked on the moon. Name them.


Today is the anniversary of the first conference at Seneca Falls, one point for every suffragette you can name!


Where are my D.C. folks on the Residence Day question of the day??? 3/5ths of the answer on former Mayors was given by an Ohioan! It really is embarrassing.


Trivia Question of the Day is in honor of Residence Day. The Residence Act passed by Congress 220 years ago established the requirements for the District of Columbia! So there have been officially five Mayors of the District of Columbia, name them, a point each.


Today is the anniversary of Nixon's Trip to China. "Is like Nixon Going to China" has become the metaphor for the most opposed dogmatic person being the only one to lead in favor. So today, points for naming, something that "is like Nixon going to China." Extra points for making me think or laugh.


Trivia Question: Happy Bastille Day! In honor of our French brothers, please name folks who lost their head to the guillotine in the French Revolution or Frenchmen in served the cause in the American Revolution. One point for each name.


Discussion Question: Today is the anniversary of the New York City Draft Riots in 1963. Over 100 killed, thousands wounded. What riot or violent uprising in history is most interesting to you? What impact if any do you think it had?


So folks, Sunday was also the anniversary of Lincoln's appointment of General Henry Halleck as General-in-Chief in Washington during the Civil War. Halleck outlasted four Commanding Generals of the Army of the Potomac. Name the Four. Bonus points for describing what led to their downfall.


Question Time: Today is the anniversary of Henry VIII excommunication from the Catholic Church. Name his wives and there manner of death! Again, no internets assistance allowed.


July 9th is the anniversary of the death of Zachery Taylor by cholera in office in 1850. Eight presidents have died in office, four by assassination and four through other causes. How many can you name without the help of the internets?


Saturday will be busy. Gettysburg tour during the day, and DC by Foot's Lincoln Assassination tour again in the evening. The heat should break somewhat so come on out!

D.C. folks, Screen on the Green is back and starts with some Sean Connery brand James Bond on Monday.  It's a blast if y...
Screen on the Green 2010 - on the National Mall in Washington, DC

D.C. folks, Screen on the Green is back and starts with some Sean Connery brand James Bond on Monday. It's a blast if you haven't been there. Thanks to C.J. for posting the link first.

Washington DC Presents Screen on the Green 2010, Free Outdoor Movies at the National Mall


Happy Fourth of July to all! Who was your favorite Founder and why?


Booth did it! Come next Saturday if you missed the tour.


I am running a Lincoln Assassination Walking Tour on Saturday at 7 PM. Go to for details ($10). Also, I'm still looking for folks to go to Gettysburg with me on July 10th.


New date for Gettysburg! Join me for the July 10th dress rehearsal of Geek Chic's Gettysburg tour. Geek Chic Tours needs your feedback and reviews for this brand new tour. The tour is free, but I will ask for a donation to cover the cost of transportation and entrance fees. We will leave at 8:30 AM and return around 6 PM. If you are interested, please leave a comment or send me an email.


Geek Chic Tours is looking for friends to participate in the dress rehearsal of the Gettysburg tour. The tour will be next Saturday, June 26th (about 8 to 6). The tour is free, but you will be asked to provide feedback and reviews of the tour. You will also be asked to make a small donation to offset the costs. If you are interested, please leave a comment or send me an email.


Geek Chic Tours will launch soon. Our tours will take you to important moments in American History. Our certifiable history geek guides will not only provide you all the information you require, but they will help you to experience the time.


Christopher Rehling, Owner-----Private Tours Available
Washington D.C., DC


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