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Health isn't always about what we should eat or how we should exercise, it's about so many other variables that can impact our body's cells, promoting disease. EM'F's are one of those variables. Please check out the link forwarded to me by Desiree, (director of Center for Wireless Safety) to attend a very educational Ted Talk about wireless technology - It will leave you speechless and may save your health and your life.

Fall 2016 Guide

If you plan to be pregnant or are pregnant you may be interested in my upcoming lectures. With so much conflicting information circulating in today's world, it's important to understand and sort through, how the choices one makes contribute to the health of a mother and her baby. I will be offering presentations on this subject for the County, throughout the Fall and Winter. Please use the link below to see class description, dates and times for - "How to have a healthy pregnancy". You do not have to live in the county to attend the class. To register call (240) 777-6870 for more information on how to secure a slot or use this link to register:

Montgomery County Recreation and Parks 2016 Fall Guide

Mimi Kirk (World's Sexiest Vegan) 71-year old talking about her RAW FOOD DIET
More and more people are realizing the healthy effects of a vegetarian, vegan or raw food diet. I can also attest to the positive effects one feels when eating foods designed to keep the body young and healthy!
Mimi is well known in the social media world due to her youthful appearance and stance on veganism/raw food. Please check out this video if you haven't heard of her already. Quite amazing!

Mimi Kirk on Channel 5 News. She talks about her diet, boyfriend & enjoying life. Visit for Holistic Self-Empowerment Love Life Wellness ...


Treadmills are a great tool when your preference is to walk or run indoors. But did you know that keeping the incline set at 0% grade(flat) equates to a slight downhill position when compared to walking or running outside.

The reason points towards how the ground impacts your feet. Outdoors, the ground creates resistance against the feet when moving across the surface, whereas the treads on the treadmill are moving under the feet making it easier to walk or run. This can minimize caloric burn and cardiovascular endurance. Setting the treadmill at just .5% - 1% grade can make your indoor workout worthwhile.


Toxins are bombarding our bodies everyday, and more than ever. They are delivered by way of the food we eat, the air we breath and the water we drink. Detoxing is one way to reduce the effects, but did you know that exercise can assist in ridding the body of toxins.

Sweating as a result of exercise helps to release the stored toxins in our fat stores which is released through our skin.

Another important reason to get your daily exercise.


Do you prefer to use the exercise machines at the gym ie., leg extension , seated row? If so you may want to think twice the next time you plan your next workout.

Our bodies are functional “machines”, made to move in a systematic way that promotes a certain fluidity of motion. However, when harnessed by a machine, natural motion becomes severely restricted. This may “set-up” the body up for injury when you least expect it.

Next time you’re in the gym opt for cables, dumbbells, suspension straps such as theTRX, and Kettlebells - to achieve functionality while strengthening your muscles. Seek out a professional if you aren’t sure how to utilize these tools.


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