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To all our valued and loyal customers,

We have shut down and will continue to follow all government requests. Our reaction to the Mayor's first order was because it didn’t create a fair playing field for small businesses, most of the restaurants in our group are smaller and there would be no way we could comply, we would just have to shut down. We reached out to one of the Mayor's reps to voice our concern about this and actually suggested that it would be better to shut down all restaurants and bars for the safety of the community and so we could be eligible for some kind of relief for our employees and all small businesses or if she could modify the rules a little bit so most of our places could operate and not have to start laying off employees. We do take the coronavirus pandemic very seriously and when the Mayor responded to us on twitter we immediately shut down on Monday morning before the announcement of the full shut down was ever made, we never violated any order. I agree it probably was not the right thing to post and I sincerely apologize to everyone. This was never about our bottom line or profits it was about trying to keep our employees employed. We hope everyone in DC stays healthy and we all make it through this safely. Everyone makes mistakes and I made a big one and for that I have to own it, reflect and learn from it. This is not going to be easy for anyone and were all in this together.


Tom Johnson

Hill Restaurant Group


To all our loyal customers,

Due to the restrictions set forth by the Mayor’s Office, it has made it impossible for us to continue to stay open for business so we will be closing all of our restaurants to reevaluate our situation. We apologize for the post on district industry- it was not meant to be selfish. We just felt is was unfair for the Mayor's Office to mandate such harsh restrictions without any notice or consultation with business owners. We reached out to the Mayor’s Office to voice our concern on the implications that it would have on the restaurant industry in hopes that she would rethink and maybe come up with more tenable rules and regulations to protect the public and be able to continue to do business and have received no response. We, as a group, have gone to extreme measures to try to make our establishments as safe as possible. Hill Restaurant Group employs 150 people and we were already struggling to keep everyone employed and now with the new restrictions, this has become impossible. We do take the current situation very seriously and will try and reopen in the near future. We do hope this comes to an end as soon as possible and wish for the health and safety of everyone.

Hill Restaurant Group

Spring is most beautiful on the Hill! And we can't think of a better way to celebrate than to #shoplocaldc and check out...

Spring is most beautiful on the Hill! And we can't think of a better way to celebrate than to #shoplocaldc and check out what HRG and it's Cap Hill neighbors have to offer. See you soon! #springoncapitolhill #capitolhilldc #thehillishome #shoplocaldc


It's Friday! We've got just what you need to shake off that work week! Is there a drink you LOVE but don't see on our menu? Drop us a line! We love hearing from you! #WashingtonDC #HillRestaurantGroup #FinallyFriday #HappyHour

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Hill Restaurant Group

Hill Restaurant Group


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You are totally irresponsible and your initial response to this emergency is a danger to the community.
I am appalled by your attitude. I will say it far and wide that you are not a friend of humanity and do not deserve ANYONE's business.
You're company deserves to go under if you are laying off employees during this crisis. You have no excuses and no morals. Anyone with a soul should STAY AWAY from any returaunt owned by this company
Let's make sure they don't get bailed out! No SBA loans etc. This needs to be the end of arrogance and stupidity. Wrote reviews etc. Don't stop. Goodbye Hill Restaurants!
Do you think your bravado in not obeying the mayor's directives is going to get you customers? Basically, you are putting your business ahead of public health. How can anyone in the restaurant business expect to survive when they do that? Two words: Jose Andres. He should be your model.
You all should be charged for public endangerment, your behavior is reckless and threatening lives
i can see why only 50 people like your page - you are about as ignorant as that fat orange turd
How incredibly irresponsible of you. Your statement wreaks of privilege. How dare you put your workers and the the lives of countless in jeopardy.
You need to be shut down - your flagrant disregard for public safety is appalling....
I see that you deleted my post. That's ok, I have shared it elsewhere.
This company has no regard for public safety.