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Scott's Mechanical llc We have been serving the community for over 16 and we've been lucky enough to learn a thing or two over the years.


Getting ready for spring

Aprilaire 400a - 700a Humidifiers -

Humidifier are a nice addition to your home heating system. If you have woke up with dry mouth, cracked lips, or dealing with a lot of static electricity the cause of this is usually dry air. As your furnace operates it removes the moisture from the air making it dry in your home so, it is important to add this moisture back to the air with a home humidifier. This will also help your wood furniture and floors from becoming to dry and cracking.

Available now at Product video for Aprilaire Models 400a, 500a, 600a, and 700a.

Wheaton mall fire

This fire occurred from neglect what do I mean? This was a grease fire that occurred front grease building up in the exhaust ductwork from the kitchen fryer. This could have been prevented by simply cleaning the filters on the unit on a regular basis. A simple task that might take a few hours is now costing this restaurant owner over a $100,000 dollars.

Wheaton mall fire:

Laurel apartment fire damages 11 units on Christmas Eve

This is the reason you should hire qualified HVAC technician to work on your equipment. These families are out of their homes due to a mistake made by a HVAC tech who made a bad repair. Don't let this happen to you get your system checked out before problems occur.

The fire began around 4 p.m. in the afternoon on Tuesday, and ABC7 has learned that it started in a furnace on the second floor of this Laurel apartment. htt...


Got a call from Ms.Tanner in Fort Washington she said our advertising that she got in the mail was the best she has ever seen. Wow thanks Ms.Tanner we look forward to doing business with you.

I am answering him by putting him on my page
HVAC: why are there so few black HVAC technicians?

I am answering him by putting him on my page

HVAC: why are there so few black HVAC technicians? Attention: Do not try any of what you see in this video at home. It takes at least two years of HVACR scho...


My first business was in 1984 I went to Sam's club bought some candy and sold it at school great business until other young entrepreneurs caught on. I learn my first lesson in competition I soon had to buy different candies reduce my prices but I ultimately got put out of business at 12 I had to cut my losses and go out of business. My second business did better due to the lessons I learned from my first business.


We are suppose to get sleet and snow tomorrow through Monday that not the time to find out your heating system is not working. Have it checked and sleep a little easier.


A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work."~Colin Powell


Thanks for the continuing patronage from Tenadam International Market


Welcoming back all my skyline clients looking foward to working with you


Many owners of motor driven equipment do nothing toward prolonging the life of the motor. They may have their automobile serviced every thousand miles and let a ten-thousand dollar air conditioner sit and run for months without ever looking back of the front panel. When it fails though, they wonder why, as though they expected it to sit there and run for ten years


Got the word out to 760 potential customers in the Laurel, MD area about our services and the value we want to bring them.


A good PM program should include a complete inspection of the components in the refrigeration and/or heating and air conditioning system. The system components should be cleaned, tested, replaced and functioning, as appropriate, to ensure that the system will operate as intended. this system inspection should be performed at least annually.


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