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Here at Village Locksmith Store we are fully Bonded, Licensed and Insured. Our company provides Affordable and Professional Locksmith Service 24/7 all year long in Stratford, CT metro area. Our highly trained Locksmith technicians ensure that our customers receive fast and reliable and quality service. Have a question, customer care representatives are available 24/7 to answer your questions and to send a Locksmith Tech to your location in 20 minutes or less.


Quick fix: If your lock is getting jammed quite often, a little lubrication might do the trick. Spray the lubricant into the keyhole and move your key in and out of it so that the lubricant coats the inner parts of the lock evenly. The operation is bound to be a lot smoother once you’ve lubricated the lock.

If this doesn’t resolve the issue, it’s better to consult a professional locksmith in Stratford, CT. At Village Locksmith Store, we offer lock repair solutions as well as a broad range of other locksmith services. Connect with us on 203-433-3673 today!


Safe unlock: Locked out of your safe? Before you resort to drastic measures such as sawing open your safe, call Village Locksmith Store! Don’t worry, our experts can get into your safe without inflicting substantial damage on it. You will be able to use the safe again, once we’re through with it. Also, during the unlocking process, our experts take extra care so as not to damage the contents held within. Can it get any better than this? Get in touch with our experts today for all this and a lot more in Stratford, CT. Contact no. - 203-433-3673

Car key reprogramming service: Stolen car keys can be used to gain access to your vehicle. To avoid that, the transponde...

Car key reprogramming service: Stolen car keys can be used to gain access to your vehicle. To avoid that, the transponder system needs to be reprogrammed to erase the old key configuration and align the system to a new configuration. At Village Locksmith Store, our auto locksmiths are adept at cloning, reprogramming and developing new keys from scratch. With rates several times lower than your car dealer, you’ll be assured of receiving the best deal on car keys anywhere in Stratford, CT.

We also provide residential, commercial and emergency locksmith services. To know more, visit our website

24/7/365 locksmith solutions in Stratford, CT:Locks & keys can cause mayhem at unexpected times. Your lock might get jam...

24/7/365 locksmith solutions in Stratford, CT:

Locks & keys can cause mayhem at unexpected times. Your lock might get jammed or a lost key might leave you helplessly locked out of your premises. While there’s nothing you can do to steer clear of such circumstances, except for exercising caution and care, you can however, mitigate the after-effects of such situations by hiring a reliable locksmith for assistance. We, at Village Locksmith Store, operate a 24/7 unit that works throughout the year, even during weekends and public holidays.

Call our helpline now - 203-433-3673

24/7/365 locksmith solutions in Stratford, CT:Locks & keys can cause mayhem at unexpected times. Your lock might get jam...

24/7/365 locksmith solutions in Stratford, CT:

Locks & keys can cause mayhem at unexpected times. Your lock might get jammed or a lost key might leave you helplessly locked out of your premises. While there’s nothing you can do to steer clear of such circumstances, except for exercising caution and care, you can however, mitigate the after-effects of such situations by hiring a reliable locksmith for assistance. We, at Village Locksmith Store, operate a 24/7 unit that works throughout the year, even during weekends and public holidays.

Call our helpline now - 203-433-3673


Are you looking to ditch the traditional locks and upgrade to its smart variant? Village Locksmith Store can help you with that! Here’s a list of four essential features you need to watch out for when selecting a smart lock:

#1: Security features:
While it might look super cool and futuristic, the lock is useless if it fails to fulfill its primary function of providing some level of security. Do your research and ensure that the smart lock has proper security features in place. In addition to the physical security measures, the cyber security features of the lock must also be looked into.

#2: Battery power:
This is important because you don’t want your smart lock to run out of juice quickly and shut down at the most inopportune moment. You need to check the expected battery life and in-built energy conservation features to ensure that you get good use out of the battery for a long time.

#3: Connectivity:
The entire basis of switching to a smart lock is to eliminate the hassle of dealing with keys altogether. Check for advanced connectivity features that allow you to lock your door using a remote or with a simple swipe on a mobile app. There are also locks that send notifications when you’ve failed to lock your door or when it’s been tampered with.

#4: Electronic key feature
A lock with an electronic key feature will allow you to generate a set of temporary keys that you can hand out to different individuals. This has no impact on the key control, as opposed to handing out traditional keys. At any point of time, if someone’s access is to be revoked, all you need to do is use an app, instead of attempting to retrieve the keys from them personally.

Still confused? Don’t worry, we know what’s best and have a high-end collection of smart locks that will fit your needs. Consult with our experts in Stratford, CT today and switch from the traditional to the contemporary. We also provide a wide range of other locksmithing solutions. Visit our website to know more.


Install key safes: Instead of keeping a spare key under the rug, choose from a wide range of mechanical and electronic combination key safes. Available in a variety of sizes, colors, capacities, designs with indoor and outdoor models to suit your needs, your key will never fall into the wrong hands again. Call Village Locksmith Store today on 203-433-3673 to know more about our locksmithing solutions in Stratford, CT.


File cabinet locks: Do you run a commercial business or own an office? It’s pivotal to secure files and other paperwork in a secure place. Your file cabinets need to be locked to ensure optimal security. Get the best, break-proof and highly secure locks from Village Locksmith Store. What’s more, you don’t have to spend an extravagant sum of money to get these locks installed. Invest a nominal amount to keep what’s important, safe and secure.

To know more about our services in Stratford, CT, call 203-433-3673 or visit our website:


Bid adieu to your old locks with our lock replacement service!

Weak, outdated, and worn out locks can be easily manipulated to gain entry into your property. Upgrade your security today! At Village Locksmith Store, we own a huge collection of locks, purchased from top lock manufacturers and designed strategically to deter any manipulation attempts. Bolster your security by buying a lock from us. All you need to do is call us at 203-433-3673 and we’ll send our expert for a site survey and installation.

Are you ready to experience heightened security? Your trusted locksmith in Stratford, CT will ensure that you get nothing but the best. Reach out to us!


Security tip: A high grade security lock alone will not suffice, because an intruder can gain entry through a window. Installing cameras alone will not make the cut either, because criminals have found new ways to manipulate a few of these systems. What you need is a combination of both a high security lock as well as cameras to deter any potential burglary attempt.

At Village Locksmith Store, we stock the best range of high security locks in Stratford, CT and can set them up at your property at affordable costs. To know which lock is right for you, talk to our experts by calling 203-433-3673 today.


Worried about theft? Burglar-proof your home with these 5 tips:

#1 Start with the locks – Hire a professional locksmith from Village Locksmith Store to install the best locks in your property
#2 Secure doors – Weak doors leave your property vulnerable. Install sturdy steel or wooden doors to deter intrusion attempts
#3 Install alarms – Most criminals do not target homes that have security alarms installed.
#4 Join a watch group – Organize or join a watch program in your neighborhood. An alert neighborhood is a safe neighborhood.
#5 Keep all entry points securely fastened – Do not leave anything unlocked, be it your windows, back door or sliding doors. Burglars are adept at finding an opening and exploiting it.

It is wise to consult our local locksmiths in Stratford, CT for an in-depth insight into your security infrastructure. We can formulate the best security strategies that are customized to suit your property’s unique needs. Want to know more? Call Village Locksmith Store at 203-433-3673 and fix an appointment today!


Locked out? Lost your keys? Are you in an emergency? Dial 203-433-3673 for immediate assistance! We, at Village Locksmith Store, operate a 24/7 emergency response unit that’s dedicated to solving our customer’s most pressing concerns. From rescuing people from lockouts to providing damage control after a burglary, we do it all. We understand the critical nature of your situation, and go out of our way to resolve the issue as soon as possible. With an arrival time of 20 minutes and an even quicker resolution time, you’ll find yourself out of the mess in no time.
Reach out to the most reliable emergency locksmith in Stratford, CT! For more details, check out our website or drop us an email at [email protected]


Lock repair service –

Got a troublesome lock? We, at Village Locksmith Store, can fix it! Instead of discarding the lock and buying a new one, we recommend that you avail our lock repair services to salvage it. Our experts are proficient in identifying flaws in any type of lock and applying the appropriate fix. Call us on 203-433-3673 and we’ll send our team to your location to mend your locks and get them working in no time. We operate a mobile locksmith service in Stratford, CT and deliver the best locksmithing solutions to the community. Apart from our lock repair services, we also offer a wide range of services to the automotive, residential and commercial sector.

For details, visit our website:


Personalized security solutions with Village Locksmith Store:

The security needs of a commercial property differ from that of a residential one, and these differences are prevalent even between properties of the same type. For instance, a small clothing store does not need an access control lock. A sturdy padlock will suffice. Instead of going overboard, get the right solutions by talking to experts in Stratford, CT who can analyze your requirements and come up with a solution that’s the right fit for you.

Don’t wait! Take the first step towards enhancing your property’s security by calling 203-433-3673 today!


Why hire a professional locksmith?

• They finish assigned tasks quicker
• The quality of workmanship is top-notch
• They’re trained and know the trade in and out
• They have the wherewithal of providing security advice
• They’re aware of market trends
• They can identify the most cost-effective solution to a problem
• You’ll be getting your money’s worth

Instead of opting for a random technician with improper credentials, choose a professional. If you live in Stratford, CT, you’ll find such professionals at Village Locksmith Store. To hire one today, call us at 203-433-3673, and we’ll send our expert to your location within 15-20 minutes.


5 tips to keeping your keys safe:

Keys are the physical embodiment of the passcode to your door. Leave them out, and you’ll probably end up risking the security of your property. If you’re careless with them, anyone can make a copy or steal them to gain access into your property. Keep them safe, and you’ll keep your property safe. Here are a few tips that will help you keep your keys from falling into the wrong hands:

#1: Consider using a wireless key finder:
A wireless key finder is a compact device that can be attached to your key chain and can send out a tracking signal that could be detected by your smartphone.

#2: Use a bulky keychain
If you’re not willing to spend on a wireless key finder, use the conventional key chain. However, ensure that it is bulky and easy to spot so you could easily retrieve the key bunch, if you drop it.

#3: Never leave them unattended
Would you leave a framed picture of your social security number for everyone to see? No, then why should keys be any different? Always carry them with you, wherever you go.

#4: Leave an extra set with someone you trust:
Entrust a neighbor or a close friend with a set of keys. In case you lose track of your keys, you’ll always have a back up set, so that you don’t lose access entirely.

#5: Know a locksmith around you
If you lose your keys or if they’re stolen, you need to get in touch with a locksmith right away. Hiring a random locksmith without proper credentials is a strict no-no. Choose a locksmith beforehand so you have someone reliable to fall back on during critical situations.

If you live in Stratford, CT, we at Village Locksmith Store can help you with key copying, new key making as well as lock rekeying services. Apart from this, we also offer a host of other services. For more information, visit our website


Looking for cost-effective locksmith solutions in Stratford, CT? You’ve found it! At Village Locksmith Store, we provide the highest quality as well as the vastest range of locksmith services at budget-friendly prices. You can call us on 203-433-3673 or drop an email on [email protected] to enquire about our prices. All our prices are nominal and do not fluctuate based on the time you call us at or the location you request our services in.


Key fob repairs:

It’s indeed a luxury to be able to unlock/lock your vehicle from a distance, without manually struggling with the task of turning the key in the lock. However, like every other electronic component, these remote key fobs are also susceptible to failure. You don’t have to throw the entire thing away and replace it with a new one, because in most cases, repairs are possible. Loose wiring, faulty chip or a broken internal component can cause your key fob to go haywire. Hire an expert from Village Locksmith Store to take a look before shelling out huge money for a replacement. Our auto locksmiths will put their technical skills to the test and get it working in no time.

Apart from this, there’s a host of other locksmith services that we offer in Stratford, CT. For more information, check out our website:


I’ve just moved into a new property. Can I rekey locks by myself?

It’s not impossible and yes, it is possible to just do it yourself. However, doing it yourself requires a lot of time and commitment. You can expect spending several hours just to get it done. Purchasing a kit is easy but, after just moving in do you have enough time to commit to rekeying? This is why calling a professional locksmith is advisable. They will get the work done in no time and you can focus on unpacking and setting up the house.

Get in touch with Village Locksmith Store today! We’ll reach your residence within 20 minutes and rekey your locks in no time. We also provide a wide range of other locksmith services in Stratford, CT. Talk to our experts on 203-433-3673 to know more.


The art of key making:

Keys are no longer crudely cut physical entities these days, but have added layer of complexities that make it nearly impossible for a commoner to duplicate them. Requiring specialized equipment, key blanks, key cutters, an eye for detail and extreme precision, modern-day key making is nothing less than an art – an art that your local hardware store technician might not be a master at. We, at Village Locksmith Store, offer advanced key making solutions at a nominal cost. Throw us any challenge, and we’ll precision-engineer a key for your needs.

Contact us on 203-433-3673 for all your lock and key needs in Stratford, CT. For more information on our other services, please check our website


Smart solutions for enhanced security:

Conventional locks are fast losing their allure, owing to the fact that modern-day criminals have found numerous ways to exploit the vulnerabilities of such systems. Switch to smart locking solutions today and pave the way for better, robust, and impenetrable security.

Here are 5 locks you can consider:

• Kwikset Kevo
• August Connect
• Schlage Sense
• Yale Assure
• Lockitron Bolt

From Bluetooth connectivity, to keypad operated variants to remote controlled versions, there are a lot of other options and feature-loaded locks to be explored. Village Locksmith Store is available in Stratford, CT to assist you in picking the right lock for your property. Talk to our experts by dialing 203-433-3673 and discuss your options.


Expert security tip:

Criminals consider unoccupied homes an easy target and that’s why you need to create the illusion that you’re home, even when you’re not. Use timers on lights, TVs, Radios. While your electricity bills are bound to shoot up, it’s a small trade off for greater security.

If you’re looking for comprehensive expert security solutions, get in touch with the locksmiths at Village Locksmith Store. We have decades of industry experience, and can arm your property with the most-advanced, robust and high security locks to make your property virtually impenetrable. Want to know about what we offer in Stratford, CT? It’s simple! Dial 203-433-3673.


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